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(Lyrics by Ike Erzmoneit & Jeannie Crane - Heathwave Music)

From the "Faster than the Speed of Light" album

The sails are set
And our ship is dancing
On the silver waves.
Time is fading
We just raise the anchor
And we sail away.
The net is thrown
And our dream is turning
Through a golden storm.
Colours in motion, we just
Sail the way of the timeship
To a distant shore.

All aboard concern,
We're going on a journey with no return.
All aboard concern,
We're going on a journey to nowhere......

Our lamp will shine
On the way we must follow
To its darkest end.
Deep in the ocean lies the home of the fish-child,
Crystal palaces.
Wave farewell,
Destiny is calling
From another place.
Day is dying
When the long night is over
We may meet again.
faster than the speed of light

All aboard concern, etc.

Hear the siren's voice, chill your soul with sounds like ice
That fall beyond the barren reaches of your being.
Watch the porpoise dance, fill your mind with sights that glance
And light within the misty shadows of your seeing.
Walk the ocean bed, feel your blood like molten lead
That bears upon the secret limits of sensation.
Drink the neptune wine and taste the drops that had their time
Of birth within the hidden chaos of creation.

Sailing across volcanic wastes as earth was born.
Crossing the barren sands before the sphinx was formed.
Watching Atlantis slip into a darkened sea.
Meeting a race beyond the star to set us free.

The sails are set, etc.