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Longlease Bernese Mountain Dogs

Fundraiser Page

Berner Christmas Cards 2009
Buy your Christmas Cards and help Lone Star BMD Rescue

The 10th Annual Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser
Runs August 22nd 2009 through September 30th 2009

Your contributions to Berner-Garde are so important in order to help maintain the Berner-Garde Database and the DNA and Tissue Repository. Berner-Garde needs your donations to continue this magnificent work. See the details on how to donate on the website
For the Winners of this year's Free Ticket Bonanza.

Peter Buckley's Sponsored Pet Trek Walk
September/October/2009 the date is not solid yet!
On behalf of the Harrington Oncology Program, Tufts University

Bob's Best Berners
Bob Seaver has been drawing Berner cartoons since 1980. Berner University recently published his collection in a book entitled BOB'S BEST BERNERS and it was sold at the National Specialty in Rhode Island. The book of 135 cartoons costs $10. and all the proceeds are donated to the AKC Canine Health Foundation which funds health research to keep our Berners living longer.

Berner Calendar Girls 2009 Calendar Now On Sale
Fundraiser for the BMDCA Health Fund
The women’s answer to the 2006 Nearly Nude Men’s Calendar
~ with a twist!

The Berner-Garde Foundation Book Sale

The Magic Bullet Fund
BRAVE SPIRITS 2008 wall calendar
Those of us who are able to provide treatment for our pups with cancer are very fortunate. Those who cannot must receive assistance.
Brave Spirits Calendar

Morris Animal Foundation
Canine Cancer Campaign
Free Canine Cancer Poster Educates Dog Owners

<click here to find out how you can donate to Berner-Garde whenever you Search the Internet>

The Animal Rescue Site - "Fund Food for Animals"
It really is only one click away. Feed an animal in need, for free, every day. Over ten million animals are abused, neglected or abandoned yearly. You can help each day with a free click! Visit The Animal Rescue Site daily and click the purple "Fund Food for Animals" button. That simple action gives food to an abandoned or abused animal. There is no cost to you! Funding for nutritious food is paid by site sponsors and goes to nonprofit animal welfare organizations who use it to feed animals living in their shelters and sanctuaries. The Animal Rescue Site was launched in July of 2002 and has generated millions of bowls of food for rescued animals since then. With your help, many more animals will benefit in 2006! It all depends on the number of people who visit the site. Please click at The Animal Rescue Site once a day and forward this information on so more people can help give animals the happy, healthy lives they deserve.Together, we can make a difference for vulnerable pets and wildlife!

Feed an Animal in Need

National Canine Cancer Foundation
To most dog owners, your dog is part of your family. And if your dog had cancer wouldn't you do everything you could to save their life. That is what we are asking for. Your help to save the life of a dog stricken with cancer. And the best way to save their life is helping us pay for the development of new, innovative therapies, and treatments to fight cancer in dog. This means funding the research that will culminate in a cure for canine cancer. The sense of urgency is clear, yet it comes with the hope that we can reach our goal.

National Canine Cancer Foundation

Previous Fundraisers

The Dog Cancer Ride Across America "TWO"
West Coast Swing - Portland, OR
to Los Angeles, CA
July 1 to August 1, 2009

The 2009 BEHAF Mini-Fundraiser for Emma
Dates June 8th to June 30th '09

We were able to raise $4,955.10 to help with the vet bills for Emma’s ICU stay at the Vet Hospital in California
The Berner-l Photo Contest 2009
A Fundraiser with a difference!
Our goal was to raise $500 with the two grand prize winners designating which funds would receive half of the money raised
The grand total raised by this fun fundraiser was $878!

University Of Glasgow Trust- 2009 Doggy Dawdle
May 10th 2009
As many of you know I lost my dog Skye to Lymphosarcoma with Hypercalcemia in February 2006. I walk the Doggy Dawdle in her Memory! This will be our 4th year taking part. This year I have a new addition "Ellie" walking along with Khandi, Mum, Owen and myself. Yvonne Grenfell
Target: £100.00 Raised so far: £138.00
Cancer Fundraiser 2009
    Berner Lovers really are a generous group of people!! Our goal for our 2009 AKC CHF Cancer Fundraiser was to raise $10,000. We not only hit it, we surpassed it by over 50%!!! We raised $15,973.34!!!! The AKC CHF usually matches our donations, so that would result in money to fight cancer of $$31,946.68!!! THANK YOU ALL!!!!

The 2008 BARC Fundraiser (Bernese Auction Rescue Coalition)
The 6th Annual Willem Wijnberg AKC CHF Cancer Fundraiser

The BMDCA Annual Health Fund Auction!
The 2008 BEHAF Mini-Fundraiser for Toby

The Berner-Garde Foundation Fundraiser 2008
and the Berner-Garde FREE Ticket giveaway

The Angel Pin Fundraiser
Babette's Babies Gift Bonanza
"The Berner-Garde Foundation Make Joye Happy Free Ticket Gift Bonanza Give Away"

The Mini Heath Fund Auction Seed Fundraiser 2007
Walk for a Cure for Cancer 2007
  • Peter's Sponsored Walk Results! $150 raised
    on behalf of the Harrington Oncology Program
    Cummings School of Veterinary Medicine
    at Tufts University, MA

BEHAF Fundraiser for Rescue Berner, Tobin
The 5th Annual Willem Wijnberg Cancer Fundraiser 2007
  • For research being done by Dr. Matthew Breen (North Carolina State University) and Dr. Elaine Ostrander (National Institutes of Health) into Malignant Histiocytosis in the Bernese Mountain Dog
    $21,947.93 Raised

The 2007 BMDCA Health Fund Auction
The 2007 BARC Fundraiser
  • BARC is a non-profit corporation dedicated to rescuing and rehabilitating Bernese Mountain Dogs from dog brokers, dog auctions, puppy mills, pet shops and any other dangerous, exploitative or abusive situations.$8,112.18 Raised

The Sydney Berner Buddies Quilt Fundraiser 2006
BEHAF Fundraiser
Bernese Welfare UK - Rescue and Rehoming 2006
At the BMDCA 2006 Specialty
  • BMDCA Health Fund Quilt Raffle $1775 Raised
  • Berner- Garde Auction $16,220 Raised
    The proceeds will go towards the establishment of a DNA and Tissue Repository. This Repository is in the process of being established. Michigan State Veterinary School and Hospital are the most likely candidate to be contracted to serve as the host for the repository. While other DNA banks exist, once again the Berner Community will be in the forefront with an integrated approach to diagnosis, tissue banking and research.

Berner-L Cancer Fundraiser 2006

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